Social and Health Psychology

Social psychology is concerned with “how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of other human beings" (Allport, 1954, p.5). Health psychology is concerned with how social factors, along with biological and other psychological factors, affect our health and the prevention of illness.

Academic staff in social and health psychology at UNSW conduct internationally-recognised research that focuses on a range of topics:

  • anger and aggression in humans,
  • cognitive dissonance,
  • positive emotional experience and wellbeing,
  • prosocial behaviour,
  • body dissatisfaction, weight stigma and eating behaviour,
  • mind-body interactions and health scares,
  • social cognition and behaviour, and
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in psychology.

People Involved

Here is a list of people within the school involved in social or health psychology research. Follow the links for further information including full CVs and current projects.

Jacquelyn Cranney

Kate Faasse

Joe Forgas

Justine Gatt

Eddie Harmon-Jones

Lisa A. Williams

Other people involved in Social and Health research:

Tom Denson
The causes and consequences of anger and aggression in humans; Aggressive personality; Biological correlates of anger and angry rumination; Intergroup aggression; Prejudice.

Lenny R. Vartanian
Psychology of eating and weight, including body image, self-regulation, social influences, and weight bias and discrimination.

Ethics and Sona Resources

Please follow the links below for more information and resources on the Research Participation program for staff and graduate students. You should save each document to your network drive (z: drive) and edit it from there to avoid losing changes.