Researchers in perception in the School of Psychology have interests in a range of topics in vision including face perception, stereopsis, motion, lightness, colour, attention and binocular rivalry.

The group has a large set of overlapping interests in a broad range of topics in vision, and employs a range of computational, behavioural, and neuroimaging approaches in studying visual processes. The group is extremely successful in securing external funding, and has a strong publication record in the top journals in vision, psychology, and general science

People Involved

Here is a list of the people within the School who are most involved in perception research. Follow the links for further information including publications.

Colin Clifford

Damien Mannion

Branka Spehar

 Other people involved in Perception research:

Steven Most
Cognition, perception, and emotion, with strong links to social psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. My research probes 1) relationships between motivation, emotion, and attentional control, as well as 2) how each of these factors influences basic cognitive processes such as perception and memory and 3) the consequences of such interactions for psychological and physical health.

Joel Pearson
Joel Pearson studies the mechanisms and application of mental imagery, decision-making, memory, visual perception, learning, attention and awareness by using behavioural, human brain imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation techniques.

Ethics and Sona Resources

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