The research of many members of the academic staff is informed by cognitive principles, be it in the clinical, social, or even forensic and organisational domains. After all, Cognition is about how we analyse, integrate, and interpret information, which is relevant to most aspects of human behaviour.

In addition to those whose research has a cognitive foundation, though, there are academics in the school whose research focuses directly on an understanding of cognitive processes themselves. This research includes analyses of memory, thought, language, and decision making, with specialists in each of these areas who have a strong international reputation.

They are widely published and have been very successful in attracting research funding from a number of different sources. It is probably fair to say the School of Psychology has one of the strongest groups of cognitive researchers in Australia.

People Involved

Here is a list of the people within the school who are most involved in cognitive research. Follow the links for further information including full CVs and current projects.

Chris Donkin

Justine Gatt

Brett Hayes

Mike Le Pelley

Skye McDonald

Steven Most

Dani Navarro

Ben Newell

Marcus Taft

Ethics and Sona Resources

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