Areas of Expertise

Research facilities within the school include well-equipped computerised laboratories for research in cognitive psychology, perception, behavioural neuroscience, human neuropsychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and personality, experimental psychopathology, and applied experimental psychology. In addition, several purpose-built laboratories with one-way screens and video and audio recording capabilities are available for research in the areas of clinical and applied psychology, as well as for studies in social psychology and developmental psychology.

The School also enjoys excellent relations with a number of external agencies involved in the provision of psychological services in Sydney and good opportunities exist for doing research in these field settings as well. These agencies come from both the public and private sectors, and include the University's network of teaching hospitals, community health services and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. Sydney is a major centre for industry and commerce within the Asia-Pacific region and has a large population drawn from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A place like this presents a rich array of possibilities for research-oriented psychologists.

More specialised forms of equipment and other dedicated resources used by postgraduate students in their research work are typically provided by their thesis supervisor. Because of the success of the academic staff within the School in attracting external funding to support their research and that of their students, these facilities are similarly of a high standard. The School ensures, moreover, that there is strong infrastructure support for each of these funded research programs. This includes the provision of technical support from a well-staffed workshop comprising qualified computing, electronic, and mechanical engineering personnel. It also includes the maintenance of a well-stocked psychological test library.

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Ethics and Sona Resources

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