Refugee Adjustment Study

What is this research about?

The Refugee Adjustment study, led by Dr Angela Nickerson, is a longitudinal study that is being conducted by the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program at the School of Psychology, UNSW Australia, in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross and Settlement Services International. This project focuses on understanding factors contributing to the wellbeing and adjustment of refugees and asylum-seekers living in Australia. In particular, this study will examine the impact of traumatic experiences, post-migration stressors and psychological processes in influencing both the development of psychological disorders and resilience in individuals from refugee backgrounds.

Other academics or researchers working on the project:

Dr Belinda Liddell
Dr Yulisha Byrow
Ms Amber Hamilton
Professor Richard Bryant


Nickerson, Liddell, Steel, Berle, O’Donnell, McMahon, Romios, Dryza (2016-2018). The impact of insecure residency on adaptation of refugees in Australia. ARC Linkage Grant $568,000


Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program, School of Psychology, UNSW Australia.