Mona Omais

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Since a young age, my aspirations have always been geared towards a profession that involved communicating with and helping others. My later decision to undertake studies within psychology and potentially help the psychological needs of my community further came with an important decision, which institution would provide the best prospect for my tertiary education?

Having been aware of UNSW’s proficient reputation in science as well as its internationally recognized and competitive ranking within the field of psychology, I was keen to be a part of such a distinguished and established institution. The ability to study amongst a high-achieving student cohort and work amongst UNSW academics who are in the top of their fields, gave me further appeal in choosing UNSW.

Throughout my four years at UNSW I have also become aware of the dynamic research community within the School of Psychology. This has resulted in rewarding outcomes for many students, including the ability to be a part of the academic life in psychology and the chance to gain some hands on experience in research. The opportunity I was given to work as a research assistant over the past three years within a health psychology and cognition laboratory has allowed me to gain essential research skills that I can apply across numerous areas of my studies. Such involvement has indeed been a highlight in my course of study at UNSW.

Additionally, I was given the opportunity to undertake a research internship course at UNSW, within my third year of study. The internship involved conducting a research project within a social psychology laboratory and presenting findings to a panel of esteemed UNSW academics. This was undoubtedly a rewarding experience, accompanied with newly acquired knowledge and skills that will be useful in any postgraduate research pursuits I undertake. I was then fortunate enough to be assigned to the same laboratory for my honours research, which is what I am undertaking at this present time.

Who can forget the friendly, approachable and supportive staff at UNSW, who have undoubtedly made my learning an enjoyable and valuable experience. They are without doubt true professionals, always striving to present you with the most recent findings within the field of psychology. They are a constant source of inspiration for your career pursuits and are determined to ensure educational success for all students.