Sarah Altmann

Bachelor of Psychology

Studying Psychology at UNSW over the past 4 years has been a highly rewarding experience. Initially I chose psychology because I was interested in understanding the “whys” that underlie human behaviour. Throughout my degree not only have I been able to learn much about the psychological, social and biological underpinnings of behaviour, but I have also gained hands on experience in research discovering some of these “whys” for myself. UNSW has a vibrant research community, and within the school of Psychology there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in research. For me, the highlights include working in a Developmental Laboratory examining how infant children understand emotion, and working in an animal lab to understand the biological processes that lead to psychopathology.

Studying at UNSW was also made enjoyable by the extremely welcoming, friendly and vibrant student community. From the first day of class to the day of submitting my honours thesis I have been surrounded by great people that I have met from all walks of life. There are numerous clubs, societies and volunteering causes to try-out, and there’s always someone new to meet or something new to do.