Thomas Liang

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws

Major in Psychology

I chose UNSW because it is a well-recognised university and a university consistently rated with high quality teaching.  I appreciated UNSW’s forward thinking, demonstrated by the numerous construction projects for new buildings. With a significant proportion of international students, UNSW also provides an opportunity to build friendships with people from a variety of backgrounds. To this day, I still remember the phenomenal atmosphere I experienced when I first visited UNSW on Info Day.

I chose the Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Laws dual program because I have always wanted to complete some sort of scientific training. The analytical and research skills developed in a science degree are invaluable no matter what you might end up doing. Having done chemistry, physics and biology in High School, Psychology was like the last frontier. As a relatively young science, major discoveries in many areas are yet to be made.

Pursuing a dual degree is probably the best choice I have ever taken. It has enabled me to develop skills and knowledge in different areas, keeping every uni day interesting. I will start a typical day by attending psychology lectures and tutorials on the upper campus.  After lunch with my psychology classmates, I will head down to the lower campus for my law classes.

Making a choice on your degree becomes so much easier when you have the opportunity to talk to somebody who is already doing that degree. They can show you their textbooks, assignments and even lecture slides. Look out and be proactive! You might have connections with people who are pursuing that program of study. Also, visit on Open Day or Info day. Words can only tell you so much about the university.  Stepping foot on the campus will also enable you to experience the unique UNSW atmosphere and culture that no words can describe.