School of Psychology Alumni Receive American Australian Association Fellowships

Posted 7 November 2013

Congratulations to Dr Adrian Camilleri and Dr Sindy Cole, both former UNSW students, who have just been awarded American Australian Association Fellowships in a ceremony in New York.

Dr Camilleri, who graduated from UNSW in 2012 with a combined PhD/Master of Psychology (Organisational) degree, has been appointed as Alcoa Foundation Fellow. Dr Cole, who completed a PhD in Psychology at UNSW in 2009, is one of the eight Australia to US Sir Keith Murdoch Fellows.

Dr Camilleri’s postdoctoral research, being undertaken at Duke University, will utilise insights from psychology and behavioural economics to develop interventions that promote pro-environmental decision-making. The research output will exemplify a social science approach to addressing the threat of climate change.

Dr Sindy Cole

Dr Cole’s postdoctoral training at Boston College provides insight into how food-associated cues gain the ability to drive overeating. Her research will investigate the neural circuits recruited during cue-driven overeating and how this circuit engages homeostatic feeding systems, including certain neuropeptides.

Dr Camilleri and Dr Cole are two of the eighteen new Fellows appointed by the Association’s Education Fund to promote intellectual alliances and ground-breaking research collaboration between Australia and the US.

Since its inception in 2002, it has awarded over 4.5 million dollars in Fellowships to more than 150 outstanding Australian and American scholars boosting educational and cultural ties.

Source: American Australian Association