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No oxytocin benefit for autism

18 July 2013

The so-called trust hormone, oxytocin, may not improve the symptoms of children with autism, a large study led by UNSW researchers has found.

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Does thinking about professors make you smarter?

16 May 2013

Studies have shown that thinking about "smart" words can make you perform more intelligently in subsequent tasks, and vice versa. But it's a contentious area of research, writes Ben Newell.

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Deep brain stimulation: a fix when the drugs don't work

14 May 2013

Recent advances in deep brain stimulation have brought relief to patients with a range of neurological disorders, writes Dr Amy Reichelt.

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What is intuition?

3 May 2013

The take-home message from a study of intuition is that we need to exercise caution in relying on gut feelings, writes Ben Newell.

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The power of portion size is hard to overcome

17 April 2013

People given large servings of food eat more than those given smaller servings, even after they have been taught about the impact, UNSW research shows.

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Breaking bad habits: classical conditioning and smoking

7 March 2013

Addictions can be difficult to kick, especially when we are surrounded by people and situations that trigger the habit. But psychological conditioning can break the cycle, explains Amy Reichelt.

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Are you furious? Body cues tell us more than faces

30 November 2012

With intense positive and negative emotions intrinsically linked by overlapping brain systems, it may be that these emotions are more difficult to discriminate than originally thought, writes Amy Reichelt.

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Science alone won't change climate opinions, but it matters

29 November 2012

Science alone is not enough to swing the pendulum of public opinion towards supporting policy that will slow the quickening pace of climate change, argues Ben Newell.

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UNSW gives birth to scholarships for pregnant PhD candidates

25 November 2012

They reckon producing a PhD is like having a baby - painful and protracted, though nine months of pregnancy is mercifully briefer than a three-year doctorate. Doing both at the same time, though, has seemed impossible to many women, so the University of NSW has introduced a scholarship for pregnant PhD candidates.

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Remembering to forget: how to erase unwanted memories

2 October 2012

Our memories – good or bad – form parts of our identities and simply removing aspects of our character may have serious consequences, writes Amy Reichelt.

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