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Study: Forensic examiners pass the face-matching test

4 September 2015

The first study to test the skills of FBI agents and other law enforcers who have been trained in facial recognition has provided a reassuring result – they perform better than the average person or even computers on this difficult task.

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Opinion: Merit-based appointments are not free from gender bias

3 August 2015

A growing chorus of female Liberal MPs are calling for their party to preselect more women to address the party’s gender imbalance. Sharman Stone wants mandatory quotas, while Teresa Gambaro has called for a 30% target.

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Study: Friend or foe - what the shape of your face says about you

30 July 2015

Imagine a prototypical thug. A real bruiser. Chances are they are male – no surprises there – but picture what his face looks like.

If you’ve imagined a man with a short, wide face, then you’ve picked up on what we believe is an evolved cue we have for rapidly identifying potentially dangerous individuals.

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Study: We don't look like we think we look

28 July 2015

People are so poor at picking good likenesses of their own faces that strangers make better selections, a study by UNSW's Dr David White and colleagues shows.

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Analysis: Video games are sexy

22 July 2015

There is abundant research and controversy on the effects of playing violent video games. But, strangely, there’s precious little looking at why people choose to play violent games at all.

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The mind’s eye – the key to controlling Parkinson’s hallucinations?

29 June 2015

Our ability to visually interpret the environment around us is easily taken for granted. But what about when we start to see things that aren’t there?

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Dr Jessica Grisham on the psychology of hoarding

29 June 2015

The School of Psychology's Dr Jessica Grisham recently appeared on Channel 7's Daily Edition to discuss the psychology of hoarding. She looked at some of the warning signs of unhealthy hoarding and tips to declutter.

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UNSW program helping refugees overcome mental health stigma

17 June 2015

An innovative UNSW program designed to help traumatised refugees overcome the stigma associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has received a $450,000 grant from beyondblue.

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UNSW Psychology's Tom Denson on SBS Insight

21 April 2015

The School of Psychology's Associate Professor Tom Denson recently appeared on an episode of SBS Insight looking at anger.  Watch the episode here!


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