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UNSW exhibit shows Sculpture by the Sea visitors the complexity of PTSD

18 October 2018

Sculpture by the Sea, one of the world’s biggest outdoor sculpture exhibitions, will this year feature a work exploring the complexity of mental illness through a video and sculpture created by a team at UNSW Sydney. 

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Exercising immediately after study may help you remember

31 August 2017

UNSW research should encourage schools and even nursing homes to consider adopting exercise routines to assist memory.

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Do you see what I see? New research says you do

18 July 2017

Where other people are looking can influence our own way of seeing the world, new research at the UNSW School of Psychology has found.

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Why bad moods are good for you: the surprising benefits of sadness

15 May 2017

Homo sapiens is a very moody species. Even though sadness and bad moods have always been part of the human experience, we now live in an age that ignores or devalues these feelings. 

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5 Ways Sadness is Good for You

1 May 2017

Scientia Professor Joe Forgas contributed to the following article explaining how Scientists are finding out how sadness works in the brain—and they're discovering that it can confer important advantages. 

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Arachnophobia researchers want to know why women are more likely to be terrified of spiders

11 April 2017

Women are much more likely to be arachnophobes than men and researchers at UNSW are trying to work out why. 

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Worried about shark attacks or terrorism? Here's how to think about the real risk of rare events

5 April 2017

The world can feel like a scary place. Shark attacks, Zika virus and more. However, despite their tragic outcomes, these events are all extremely rare.

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Award: Australia’s highest honour for UNSW trauma expert

16 June 2016

UNSW Scientia Professor Richard Bryant, a world expert in the mental health of people affected by adversity and trauma, has received Australia’s highest accolade in this year’s Queen’s birthday honours.

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Grants: UNSW tops the state in industry-linkage grants

10 May 2016

School of Psychology researchers have performed strongly to help UNSW secure the highest level of funding in NSW in the latest round of federal government’s industry-linked research projects scheme.

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