Brain Sciences UNSW Talk - Neuroimaging During Trance State: A Contribution to the Study of Dissociation; Dr Julio Peres

12 July 2016 - 4:00pm – 13 July 2016 - 4:45pm  |  Black Dog Institute Theatre, Hospital Road, Prince of Wales Hospital

Brain Sciences UNSW presents:

Dr Julio Peres,Institute of Psychiatry at Universidade de São Paulo.

Talk: Neuroimaging During Trance State: A Contribution to the Study of Dissociation

Introduction by Dr Yann Quide, UNSW School of Psychiatry

ABSTRACT: The mind-body relationship has prompted debate from the times of millennial religious traditions and the ancient Greeks through to contemporary neuroscience, and although these questions have yet to be decisively answered, therapeutic interventions today are guided by assumptions made in this respect. Research on the neural correlates of consciousness and mental expressions has made progress over the last 20 years by developing functional brain imaging methods. This approach may open up new perspectives for studies of the expression of presumed instances of spiritual consciousness, which would have major ethical, social and philosophical implications. We pose a promising new line of research in the neurosciences and discuss certain issues pertaining to the effective use of neuroimaging to investigate mediumship and advance the consensus comprehension of consciousness, alleged spiritual communication and its relations with the brain. We highlight methodological challenges and lessons gleaned from our neurofunctional studies of mediumship to be considered for further research in this field when formulating hypotheses to address these phenomena, and discuss useful guidelines for neuroimaging studies of spiritual experiences in general.

BIO: Julio Peres is a neuroscientist and a psychologist with twenty five years of clinical experience. As a clinician-researcher, he combines psychology with neuroscience and develops his interest in the neurobiological consequences of psychotherapy, having used functional neuroimaging to show the cerebral effects of subjective processing mediated by psychotherapy as part of his doctorate and two postdoctoral programs. Julio earned a PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior from the Institute of Psychology at Universidade de São Paulo, and post-doctorates in Diagnostic Imaging from the University of Pennsylvania and Escola Paulista de Medicina, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP). His work with PTSD patients as a clinical psychologist led to interest in dissociative states, and consequently to the experiences related to mediumistic trance states. His published work includes papers on functional neuroimaging involving psychotherapy, trauma, PTSD, resilience, coping, religiousness, spirituality and dissociative trance states. Researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry at Universidade de São Paulo (PROSER) and author of the books Trauma e Superação [Trauma and Coping] published in Brazil by Roca. and “Neuroimaging for Clinicians: Combining Research and Practice” Ed.


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