Retraining as a Psychologist?

Are you a graduate from another discipline wishing to retrain as a psychologist at UNSW?

You have three options available:

  1. You could enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Psychology. This program is designed for students that have completed an undergraduate degree and wish to retrain as a psychologist in an accelerated and flexible manner. Please refer to the Graduate Diploma in Psychology section on the School of Psychology website for more information about this program.


  1. You could enrol initially as a non-award student to complete Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Psychology courses only.

Regardless of the degree within which a major in Psychology is taken, all major sequences in Psychology contain the same minimum core of 78 UoC (3 courses at Level 1, 5 at Level 2 and 5 at Level 3 (2 compulsory and 3 elective)); this sequence is accredited by Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and allows entry into Honours for all students achieving the minimum entry criteria.

An example of Level 1, 2 and 3 Psychology courses are as follows:

Level 1

  • PSYC1001 Psychology 1A (6 UOC)
  • PSYC1011 Psychology 1B (6 UOC)
  • PSYC1111 Measuring Mind and Behaviour (6 UOC)

Level 2

  • PSYC2001 Research Methods 2 (6 UOC)
  • PSYC2061 Social and Developmental Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC2071 Perception and Cognition (6 UOC)
  • PSYC2081 Learning and Physiological Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC2101 Assessment, Personality and Psychopathology (6 UOC)

Level 3

  • PSYC3001 Research Methods 3 (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3011 Psychological Applications (6 UOC)
  • 18 UOC of Level III Psychology courses from the elective lists A and B below (at least one course from each of the two elective lists must be completed)

Electives List A:

  • PSYC3051 Physiological Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3211 Cognitive Science (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3221 Vision and Brain (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3241 Psychobiology of Memory and Motivation (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3311 Language and Cognition (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3371 Multivariate Data Analysis (6 UOC)

Elective List B:

  • PSYC3121 Social Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3141 Behaviour in Organisations (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3202 Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3301 Psychology and Law (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3331 Health Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3341 Developmental Psychology (6 UOC)
  • PSYC3361 Research Internship (6 UOC)

Upon achieving a Psychology Average of at least 75 you would be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) program.


  1. You could enrol in a degree program where it is possible to complete a four-year sequence of study in Psychology. This might include one or more of the following programs:
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science and Business
  • Bachelor of Life Science
  • Bachelor of Science (International)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Based on courses completed in your previous degree(s), you may be given a certain amount of credit/exemption. Depending on exemptions granted, you may still have to complete some non-psychology courses as well as psychology courses.

The school does not offer a bridging program for honours, such as a Graduate Diploma (honours equivalent). The current Graduate Diploma allows students to retrain in Psychology in an accelerated and flexible format. Students that complete the Graduate Diploma in Psychology, will still be required to complete an honours year in order to be eligible to apply for further postgraduate study in Psychology.

Once you have completed an Honours year, you can then proceed to apply to a two year Master by Coursework degree specialising in Clinical or Forensic Psychology or a Combined PhD/Master of Psychology.