At UNSW there's more than one way to study Psychology!

You can choose one of eight programs of study for a career in Psychology. To find out about some of the options available view our Pathways to Psychology flyer.

Regardless of the degree within which a major in Psychology is taken, all major sequences in Psychology contain the same minimum core of 78 UoC (2 courses at Level 1, 5 at Level 2 and 5 at Level 3 (2 compulsory and 3 elective)); this sequence is accredited by APAC and allows entry into Honours for all students achieving the minimum entry criteria. There is no preference given to any particular sequence in gaining entry to Honours—it is based only on performance in undergraduate studies in Psychology—and Honours is the same for all students, regardless of the degree program in which they completed their undergraduate Psychology Major sequence.

Completion of Honours, in turn, is a minimum prerequisite for entry into Professional Masters programs in Psychology that form the basis of professional training that would enable one to practice as a psychologist.

As far as the Psychology content is concerned, there is no difference in taking these undergraduate courses within Science and Psychological Science etc. The only differences lie in what other courses you may need to complete as well.

For example, the BPsych degree requires you to concentrate on Psychology courses across the undergraduate degree, with additional Psychology courses required at the undergraduate level. Psychological Science has an open structure which allows you to take the additional courses you need to complete your degree from anywhere across the University—these could of course be additional Psychology courses at level 3, but could equally be Arts or Science courses, or courses that allow you to complete one of the complementary Majors that are an optional component of the BPsychSc program such as Human Resource Management or Criminology. If you take Psychology from within the BSc, then you would take some additional courses drawn from other Science subjects such as Chemistry or Biology. Both the BSc and the BPsychSci can be combined with a wide range of other degrees such as Commerce or Law.

As such, at UNSW you can tailor your undergraduate studies in Psychology around your other interests as well—whether they be in Science, Arts, or Business. And regardless of which route you choose, you will be completing an APAC-accredited Major in Psychology that permits entry into Honours, subject to performance.