Program Progression

Progression through the program depends on when students start the program and the availability of courses throughout the year.  Please refer to the "5331 Guide 2021" (Appendix) for information on typical annual course availability and progression plan based on entry point. Students have the responsibility to self-enrol into courses online via myUNSW and to do so in the correct sequence in each hexamester by the enrolment deadline  (see: Key Dates 2021).

For students who commenced the program in 2019 or 2020, please refer to the relevant progression plan based on your commencement year below:

Note that the progression plans are based on the assumption of full enrolment in all available sessions without any credit transfer. If students are granted credit transfer, the progression plan to completion will need to be adjusted accordingly by the student.

If the student is not planning to study in all available sessions (e.g. taking breaks between sessions) they must apply for program leave (see: