Program Progression

Depending on when students start the program and the courses availability for the year, the School will manage students’ enrolment by following the program progression plan.  

Due to the non-standard calendar of the program, students will not be able to self-enrol into courses. The School will manually enrol students into courses before each session and this enrolment will be confirmed prior to each session on ‘Enrolment Confirmation’ dates (please refer to ‘5331 Key Dates’).

Typical annual course availability and GD Psych program progression plan can be seen HERE.

Please refer to the relevant progression plan based on your commencement year below:

Note that the progression plans are based on the assumption of full enrolment in all available sessions without any credit transfer. If students are granted credit transfer, the progression plan to completion will be adjusted accordingly and will be emailed to the students prior to commencement.

Any variation to the program progression plan should be made in consultation with, and approved by the School of Psychology. If the student is not planning to study in all available sessions (e.g. taking breaks between sessions) or wants to vary enrolment from the progression plan, the student must consult with the Program Administrator as soon as possible by emailing

Although the School manages students’ enrolment until completion, students have the responsibility to ensure that they are enrolled in the right course in each session and that they are on track to complete the program.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology program (5331) is delivered using non-standard teaching dates and course durations to allow for a more flexible program structure. The program’s key dates and some policies may be different to those applicable to students enrolled in standard UNSW programs using the standard academic calendar.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Psychology should refer to the information on this website, the 5331 Guide book, and the online handbook.

Please contact for any enquiries relating to this program.


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