Program Structure

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GD Psych) will provide students with a solid foundation in the principles of Psychology. The program will cover theoretical and contemporary issues in psychology, with a focus on current empirical research. Students will develop critical thinking and skills in analysis and research methods. Students will gain an integrated and comprehensive education in the main discipline areas, including developmental, social, cognitive, biological, physiological, abnormal psychology and research methods. The program will further prepare students with the research skills and methods required for your future career in Psychology.


Students must complete 60 Units of Credit (60 UOC) as a standalone program.

This program consists of 10 core courses, each course is worth 6 UOC. Students must complete all 10 courses to be awarded the Graduate Diploma. Each course will be delivered 100% online and will run for 6 weeks. There are 6 teaching periods per year, allowing for personalised and flexible program structure.

Introductory Courses

PSYC5001 Introduction to Psychology 1 
PSYC5002 Introduction to Psychology 2
PSYC5003 Data Analysis and Methods of Psychological Inquiry

Advanced Courses

PSYC5004 Advanced Data Analysis and Methods of Psychological Inquiry
PSYC5005 Behavioural Neuroscience 
PSYC5006 Psychology Across the Lifespan 
PSYC5007 The Individual, Culture and Society
PSYC5008 Perception and Cognition 
PSYC5009 Abnormal Psychology 
PSYC5010 Psychological Assessment, Ethics, and Professional Skills

  • Students must start with either PSYC5001 or PSYC5002 and need to complete both PSYC5001 and PSYC5002 before continuing to PSYC5003.

  • The introductory courses (PSYC5001, PSYC5002 and PSYC5003) must be completed before proceeding to the advanced units.

  • The first advanced course taken must be PSYC5004.  Advanced units PSYC5005 through to PSYC5009 can be completed in any order that suits the student’s individual pattern of study.

  • PSYC5010 must be taken as the final course.

  • Students who have completed courses equivalent to PSYC5001 and PSYC5002 as part of prior degree within 10 years prior to program commencement may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in the online application. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is also known as ‘credit transfer’ or ‘advanced standing’.

  • To be considered for credit transfer, please answer ‘yes’ for question whether you are seeking credit in your online application and upload the official transcripts as well as the official course outlines of the completed courses that you believe are equivalent.

  • Students can enrol in a maximum of one course per hexamester.

  • Maximum time to complete the program is 5 years.