What’s next?

  1. Check your offer letter

    Successful applicants will be emailed an offer letter which specifies the commencing GD Psych Session and dates (please check the ‘Comments’ section on the letter).
  • If the session that you are applying for has reached full capacity, you will be issued an offer to commence in the next available session.
  • If you cannot start in the session specified in your offer letter, please contact gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au.

  1. Accept your offer

    Please accept your offer online as soon as possible to secure your place (written instructions about acceptance can be found HERE).

    If the intake that you are accepting has reached full capacity or you are accepting the offer after the acceptance deadline:
  • Your acceptance will be processed for the next available intake (if the next available intake is mapped under the same UNSW Term); OR   
  • You will be issued a new offer letter for the next available intake (if the next available intake is mapped under different UNSW Term). In this case, you will need to accept the new offer.

Please note that issued offers might be withdrawn if the program has reached full capacity in the specified UNSW term.

Please contact gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au for any enquiries/issues relating to accepting your offer.

  1. Enrolment Confirmation

    Due to the non-standard calendar of the program, students will not be able to self-enrol into courses.
    The School will manually enrol you into a course before each session and will email you prior each session on ‘Enrolment Confirmation’ dates (please refer to ‘5331 Key Dates’) with a confirmation of your enrolled course and orientation information to help you getting started.

  2. Orientation & TO DOs Prior Commencement
  • The email sent to you on ‘Enrolment Confirmation’ dates contains important information to help you getting started. Please take the time to read the email carefully and make sure to visit the recommended links and complete the required tasks before your first day in the program.
  • You are strongly encouraged to visit the Orientation for Online Students website prior to commencement and to finalise the payment of required fees prior to each session.

  1. Please keep us updated with your study plan at all times and email gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au if you have any questions

    Note that you will only receive correspondence regarding your study in this program from gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au. You might receive an auto-communication from various UNSW Central Units with information that contradicts the information on this website as it was targeted for students enrolled in standard UNSW Terms. Please always refer to information on this website and email gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au to clarify.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology program (5331) is delivered using non-standard teaching dates and course durations to allow for a more flexible program structure. The program’s key dates and some policies may be different to those applicable to students enrolled in standard UNSW programs using the standard academic calendar.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Psychology should refer to the information on this website, the 5331 Guide book, and the online handbook.

Please contact gdpsychology@unsw.edu.au for any enquiries relating to this program.

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