How to apply

Application Dates

Applications are open for 2021 – see Key Dates 2021 for the application deadline of each hexamester.

* UNSW Sydney reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise. The university also reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses and sessions dates at any time without notice. Students should always check with the relevant school officers when planning their study.

Ready to apply? Here is the simple step-by-step guide 

  1.  Apply Online via the UNSW Online Application website:
    • Program Code: 5331
    • Starting Hexamester: decide which hexamester you want to start in and submit an application for that hexamester.
    • To be considered for credit transfer, please answer ‘yes’ for question whether you are seeking credit in your online application and upload the official transcripts as well as the official course outlines of the completed courses that you believe are equivalent.
  1. Upload supporting documents:
    • Evidence of all previous tertiary study (official academic transcripts and proof of degree completion)
    • Proof of citizenship/permanent residency with a photo ID
    • Proof of English Language proficiency
    • Proof of name change, if applicable, e.g. marriage certificate
    • Official course outlines of completed courses (if you are seeking credit transfer)

Supporting documentation can be submitted together with your online application or uploaded to your application later, once you have been given a UNSW student ID number.

Remember that you need to have all the relevant supporting documents uploaded for your application to be assessed.

  1. You will receive an application acknowledgement email with your UNSW student ID within 1-2 working days after application is submitted. The outcome of your application will then be emailed to you.