2021 Course Outlines

Current students should refer to Moodle in the first instance for their course outlines. You may find course outlines from previous hexamesters by clicking on the course names below. 
Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Course CodeCourse NameHexamester(s) Offered
PSYC5001   Introduction to Psychology 1 H1             H3             H5             
PSYC5002   Introduction to Psychology 2  H2         H4        H6      
PSYC5003   Data Analysis and Methods of Psychological Inquiry H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5004   Advanced Data Analysis and Methods of Psychological Inquiry          H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5005   Behavioural Neuroscience H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5006   Psychology across the Lifespan H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5007   The Individual Culture and Society H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5008   Perception and Cognition H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5009   Abnormal Psychology H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      
PSYC5010   Psychological Assessment, Ethics and Professional Skills H1       H2        H3       H4       H5        H6      

H1= Hexamester 1, H2= Hexamester 2, H3= Hexamester 3

H4= Hexamester 4, H5= Hexamester 5, H6= Hexamester 6