What’s next?

  1. Check your offer letter

    Successful applicants will be emailed an offer letter which specifies the commencing hexamester and dates.
  • If intake in the hexamester that you are applying for has reached full capacity, you will be issued an offer to commence in the next available intake.
  • If you cannot start in the hexamester specified in your offer letter, please follow the "How do I defer?" steps here.

  1. Accept your offer

    Please accept your offer online by the deadline as soon as possible to secure your place (written instructions about acceptance can be found here)

  2. Course Enrolment

    Once you have accepted your offer, you are able to enrol into courses via myUNSW. Select courses will be available for enrolment each Hexamester. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure they are enrolled in the correct course sequence (see: "Program delivery & requirements" section of the 7419 Guide 2021) by the deadline for each hexamester.