2021 Course Outlines

Current students should refer to Moodle in the first instance for their course outlines. Listed below are examples of course outlines for the program.  Example outlines can be viewed by clicking on the course code below. 
Graduate Certificate in Child Development

Course CodeCourse NameHexamester(s) Offered
PSYC5111   Evaluating Evidence              H3                     H6     
PSYC5112   Introduction to Psychology  H2                H5 
PSYC5113   Child Development H1                      H4                     
PSYC5114   Learning and Cognition                 H2                      H5              
PSYC5115   Developmental Psychopathology                H3                      H6      
PSYC5116   Well-being and Resilience H1                      H4                     

H1= Hexamester 1, H2= Hexamester 2, H3= Hexamester 3

H4= Hexamester 4, H5= Hexamester 5, H6= Hexamester 6