Research Participation

Members of the School of Psychology are engaged in a wide range of research areas. By participating in on-going research you learn first-hand about the ways in which research in psychology is conducted, and can appreciate the application of the concepts that you encounter in lectures and tutorials. You also find out about theories and areas of investigation which are beyond those you study in the course. Finally, you will be contributing to the advancement of psychological science. Clearly, the study of human behaviour cannot progress without humans to observe!

Every researcher is under the general supervision of a School committee, and is required to satisfy certain conditions (e.g., to provide information regarding the nature and aims of the study). There is no compulsion to participate in any particular study and it is quite in order to decline to participate after an explanation of what is involved has been given.

Students enrolled in Psychology 1A or 1B
As a part of this course, you will participate in psychological research within the School for up to 10 points throughout each semester, 6 points of which are compulsory and up to 4 optional points.

Students enrolled in GENS 9001 – Psychology of the individual and the Group or GENS 9002 - Psychology of the Body and the Mind
Participation in research is optional for students taking this course, but there is an opportunity to participate in up to 6 points throughout the session.

Signing up for Studies

As School-approved research projects become available, information and sign-up opportunities will be accessible through a Web-based facility called Sona. This can be accessed directly via the link or via links on the Moodle homepage for the course.

More information on research participation and registering on the Sona website can be found in your course manual.

Information for Researchers

Researchers wishing to use Sona should refer to the information included in the “Ethics and Sona Resources” section in the Research area of this website. All studies using the Sona system must have prior ethical approval.

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Student Guide

Student Guide

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