Course Outlines

2021 Course Outlines

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T1 = Term 1, T2 = Term 2, T3 = Term 3, S = Summer Term

PSYC1001   Psychology 1AT1T2  
PSYC1011Psychology 1B T2      T3 
PSYC1021Introduction to Psychological ApplicationsT1   
PSYC1022Psychology of AddictionT1    T2 T3  S
PSYC1023Abnormal PsychologyT1T2 T3 
PSYC1024Clinical perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and Stress     T2 T3  S
PSYC1025Psychology of WorkT1  T3 
PSYC1027Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and CorrectionsT1  T3 
PSYC1028Psychology of Human Centred Design   T3 
PSYC1029Psychobiology of Sex, Love and Attraction T2 T3 
PSYC1031Science of Resilience    
PSYC1062Science of WellbeingT1T2  T3 
PSYC1111Measuring Mind and Behaviour   T3  
PSYC2001Research Methods 2T1   
PSYC2061Social and Developmental PsychologyT1   
PSYC2071Perception and Cognition   T3 
PSYC2081Learning & Physiological Psychology T2  
PSYC2101Assessment Personality & Psychopathology   T3  
PSYC3001Research Methods 3T1   
PSYC3011Research and Applications of Psychology   T3  
PSYC3051Physiological Psychology T2   
PSYC3121Social Psychology   T3  
PSYC3202Cognitive and Clinical  Neuroscience   T3  
PSYC3211Cognitive ScienceT1   
PSYC3221Vision and BrainT1   
PSYC3241Psychobiology of Memory & MotivationT1   
PSYC3301Psychology and Law T2   
PSYC3311Language and Cognition T2   
PSYC3331Health Psychology   T3 
PSYC3341Developmental Psychology T2   
PSYC3361Research InternshipT1T2  
PSYC3371Multivariate Data Analysis   T3 



PSYC4072   Honours Research Project 6UOCT1       
PSYC4073Honours Research Project 12 UOC                             T2      T3
PSYC4093Psychology 4AT1  
PSYC4103Psychology 4B T2      


Student Guide

Student Guide

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