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Annalese Bolton

Doctoral Candidate and Forensic Psychologist

Supervisors: Professor Ben Newell, Professor Simon Gandevia

Research Topic: Bolstering response decision making to child protection situations

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Jessamine Chen

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Peter Lovibond
Co-Supervisor(s): Richard Bryant & Kim Felmingham

Research Areas: Neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms underlying Generalised Anxiety Disorder; Pathological Worry; Intolerance of Uncertainty

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Katie Chung

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Prof. Michelle Moulds

Research area: the relationship between cognitive beliefs/processes and length of depression history

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Shanta Dey

Doctoral/MPsychol (Organisational) Candidate

Supervisors: Professor Michelle Moulds, Professor Ben Newell

Research Topic: The Impact of Abstract Versus Concete Thinking on Stages of Decision-Making 

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Emma Doolan

MPsych (Clinical)/PhD Candidate

Supervisor: Scientia Professor Richard Bryant

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Angela Nickerson

Research Areas: Emotion regulation, trauma, PTSD, attachment, individual differences. 

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Nicole Ee

Doctoral Candidate

Bio: Nicole Ee is a PhD student at UNSW and NeuRA, and 2019 Westpac Future Leaders Scholar. Her research seeks to explore the relationship between social engagement, wellbeing and cognition in older adulthood. More broadly, she is interested in how infrastructure, community, and individual and societal expectations of ageing impact on meaningful participation into late life.

Research areas: Ageing; Cognition; Dementia prevention; Mental health and wellbeing

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Ruth Elijah

Doctoral/MPsych (Clinical) Candidate

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