Dr Colin Palmer

Dr Colin Palmer

Dr Colin Palmer

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ph.D., Monash University, 2016
Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience (Honours), Monash University, 2009

Contact details

Phone: 9385 2347
Email: Dr Colin Palmer

Office: Mathews Building, Room 1015

Research Summary

When we see another person, we often have a vivid sense of where they are looking. Humans are unique in how we use other’s gaze to understand what they are thinking and feeling, and to guide our own attention. Recently I began a postdoctoral position in Professor Colin Clifford’s lab at UNSW, focussing on the neural and sensory mechanisms underlying our perception of other people’s gaze direction. We use psychophysics, computational modelling, and functional MRI to examine how the brain processes visual information about other people’s faces and how we exploit this information for a variety of social functions. With local and international collaborators, we also seek to understand how systematic differences in the way that the brain deals with sensory information contribute to social difficulties in conditions like autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

Previously, I completed an interdisciplinary Ph.D. at the Cognition and Philosophy Lab at Monash University, supervised by Professors Jakob Hohwy and Peter Enticott. Our research concerned how general neurocognitive models of sensory processing in the brain (e.g., Bayesian and predictive coding models) shed light on the differences in sensory integration and social cognition that characterise autism spectrum disorder. I have also collaborated with other Australian and international neuroscientists on projects investigating multi-sensory integration in bodily perception and movement, involving pharmacological interventions and various clinical populations.

Research Areas: gaze perception, social vision, sensory processing, computational psychiatry, autism spectrum disorder.


Awards, Fellowships & Grants

  • Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, 2019-2021 ($356K)
  • Emerging Investigator award, Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 2017
  • Study visit award, Experimental Psychology Society UK, 2017 (£2580)
  • Early post-doctoral oral presentation award, Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 2016

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