Dr. Anne van Dongen

Dr. Anne van Dongen

Dr. Anne van Dongen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. (Psychology), 2013, University of Maastricht, Netherlands

Postdoc, 2013 - 2015, Sanquin Research, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Contact details

Phone: 02 9385 8249
Email: Dr. Anne van Dongen

Office: Matthews Building 1305

Research Summary

I'm working on a 3-year postdoctoral research project at Lisa Williams' lab, investigating the emotional underpinnings of blood donation motivation. This project is co-funded by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the Australian Research Council.

I obtained my PhD in Health Psychology at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. My main research topic is the psychology of blood donation, with a focus on maintenance of behaviour. I am interested in studying the affective determinants of health and/or pro-social behaviour, and using emotion regulation techniques to change behaviour.


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