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Dr Sue Morris

Course Coordinator and Lecturer

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Associate Professor Steven Most

Associate Professor

Research Areas: My research is grounded in cognitive psychology, with strong links to social psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. My lab specialises in relationships between motivation, emotion, and attentional control. Topics include mechanisms of emotion-driven attentional bias, how attention and emotion shape our awareness of the world, impacts of physical and emotional stress on cognition, and emotion regulation. We also specialise in understanding the implications of these processes for real-world safety, including on the roadways.

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Professor Michelle Moulds


Research Areas: The goal of my research is advance our understanding of how repetitive thinking, such as rumination, maintains depression.

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Associate Professor Dani Navarro

Associate Professor

Research Areas: My research investigates the mathematical laws underpinning cognition and spans a variety of topics in psychology and cognitive science. The core topics in my research are categorisation, similarity, inductive reasoning and decision making, but my research program also covers topics in language evolution, epistemic trust in children, hypothesis testing, word association, reaction time modelling, and others.

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Associate Professor Jill Newby

Associate Professor & MRFF Career Development Fellow

Research Areas: E-health and technology-based interventions (including internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, virtual reality exposure therapy, and computerised cognitive bias modification). Illness anxiety disorder, somatic symptom disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders,and cyberchondria (excessive web searching about symptoms). Comorbidity, and classification of mental disorders.

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Professor Ben Newell

Professor & Deputy Head of School

Research Areas: My research focusses on the cognitive processes underlying judgment, choice and decision making and the application of this knowledge to environmental, medical, financial and forensic contexts.

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Professor Angela Nickerson

Professor & Director, Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program

Research Areas: Refugee and post-conflict mental health, mechanisms underlying psychological effects of torture and trauma, phenomenology and treatment of posttraumatic stress reactions.

Current Research Projects:

Project: Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Refugees

Project: Pathways to Refugee Welbeing in Indonesia

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Professor Joel Pearson

Professor, Director Future Minds Lab, NHMRC fellow, MindX

Research Areas: Joel Pearson studies Cognitive Neuroscience, specifically the mechanisms and application of mental imagery, hallucinations, decision-making, the science of intution, memory, metacognition, visual perception, learning, attention, awareness innovation and entrepreneurship, by using behavioural, human brain imaging and brain stimulation techniques.

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Professor Rick Richardson


Research Areas: Development of emotion, attention, learning, and memory in the rat. Behavioural and neural analyses of memory. Hormonal modulation of memory. Olfaction and olfactory learning.

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Associate Professor Jenny Richmond

Associate Professor

Research Areas: My research program addresses the development of  memory and emotion during infancy and early childhood and takes a developmental cognitive neuroscience approach. I am particularly interested in the development of relational memory and the role it might play in representational flexibility. My recent work has looked at age-related changes in episodic memory and future thinking during early childhood and the development of rapid facial mimicry in infancy. 

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