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Dr Kate Faasse

Senior Lecturer & ARC Discovery Early Career Research Fellow

Research Areas: My research programme in health psychology is concentrated on psychological and social factors that influence medication effectiveness and side effects. In particular, my research utilises the study of placebo and nocebo effects to investigate these factors. My work helps to elucidate the mind-body factors that contribute to treatment outcomes.

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Scientia Professor Joe Forgas AM

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: Affect and social cognition. Interpersonal behaviour. Social perception, person memory and attributions. Cognitive and interactional theories of personality. The perception of interaction episodes. Political perception and voting behaviour. Verbal and nonverbal communication. Group behaviour and group judgements. Multidimensional scaling methods in psychology.

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Emeritus Professor Barbara Gillam

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: Stereoscopic vision. The perception of surfaces and occlusion. Perceptual coherence. Hemispheric integration. Attention. Professional issues in psychology.

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Dr Melanie Gleitzman


Research Areas: The psychology of lesbian, gay and bisexual experience. Homophobia, stereotyping and prejudice. Coming out and being out: self-disclosure of LGB identities; measuring attitudes toward sexual minority individuals.

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Dr Chien Hoong Gooi

EF Senior Lecturer

Trainee and Supervisor competencies in Clinical Psychology practice.

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Associate Professor Bronwyn Graham

Associate Professor

My research aims to identify the neurobiological causes of anxiety disorders, which are the most common class of mental illness in Australia, affecting 11% of men and almost twice as many women (18%) in a given year. A primary component of my research focuses on how sex hormones influence the development and treatment of anxiety disorders in women, with a view to develop sex-specific models of anxiety pathophysiology.

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Professor Jessica Grisham

ARC Future Fellow

Research Areas: Obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding disorder, and related disorders. Comorbidity and classification of anxiety disorders. Investigations into processes that are associated with various types of psychopathology, including imagery, emotion regulation and thought suppression.

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Professor Eddie Harmon-Jones


Research Areas: My lab studies the interplay of motivation, emotion, and cognition, employing social and affective neuroscience approaches. We investigate topics such as the effects of emotions on attention and other cognitive processes; the role of emotion and motivation in aggressive and pro-social behaviour; and the antecedents and consequences of discrepancies between cognitions (cognitive dissonance theory).

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Professor Brett Hayes


Research Areas: My research focuses on the processes involved in “high-level” cognition; i.e. how people think, reason, categorize and make decisions.  In particular my research focuses on: a) categorisation and inductive reasoning in adults, b) memory development and c) relations between reasoning and memory.  My work in these areas involves both experimental investigation and the application of computational models.  I also have a long-standing interest in the development of children's eyewitness memory and the forensic applications of such research. 

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Professor E. James Kehoe


Research Areas:

Behavioural neuroscience: Associative learning, its neural substrates, and neural network models
Instructional design: Working memory, schema formation, computer-based learning
Military Psychology: Character and values; teamwork and leadership development

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