Dr Jill Newby

Dr Jill Newby

Dr Jill Newby

Senior Lecturer & MRFF Career Development Fellow

Contact details

Phone: 02 9385 3425
Email: Dr Jill Newby

Office: Mathews, Room 1302

Research Summary

Research Areas: E-health and technology-based interventions (including internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, virtual reality exposure therapy, and computerised cognitive bias modification). Illness anxiety disorder, somatic symptom disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders,and cyberchondria (excessive web searching about symptoms). Comorbidity, and classification of mental disorders. Adopting a transdiagnostic approach to treatment of anxiety and depression, and understanding cognitive and behavioural processes that are thought to perpetuate anxiety (e.g., reassurance-seeking, imagery, checking). 

Current Research Projects:
Project: What is Illness Anxiety Disorder?
Project: Online Treatment for Depression and Anxiety


Postgraduate (Clinical Masters program):
Experimental and Clinical Psychology 
Professional and Ethical Practice 
Psychology of Health and Illness

Health Psychology - PSYC3331


Selected publications

Newby, J.M., Mewton, L., & Andrews, G. (2016). Transdiagnostic versus disorder-specific internet cognitive behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety: a naturalistic comparison study. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. doi: 10.1016/j.janxdis.2016.06.002 [Epub ahead of print].

Newby, J. M., Twomey, C., Li, S., & Andrews, G. (2016). Transdiagnostic computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for depression and anxiety: a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal of Affective Disorders, 199, 30-41. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2016.03.018.

Newby, J.M., McKinnon, A., Kuyken, W., Gilbody, S., & Dalgleish, T. (2015). Systematic review and meta-analysis of transdiagnostic psychological treatments for anxiety and depressive disorders in adulthood. Clinical Psychology Review, 40, 91-110doi: 10.1016/j.cpr.2015.06.002

Newby, J.M., Williams, A.D., & Andrews, G. (2014). Reductions in negative repetitive thinking and positive metacognitive beliefs during internet cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) for mixed anxiety and depression. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 59, 52-60. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2014.05.009

For more publications, please view my UNSW Research Gateway profile.

Awards, Fellowships & Grants


  • The Australian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies Tracy Goodall Early Career Award, 2016
  • The MHS Early Career Reseach - Best Practice Award, 2016. 
  • Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists Student Prize, 2009.
  • The University Medal (i.e., awarded for outstanding academic performance in B. Psych (Hons) degree), UNSW, 2006
  • The Istvan Tork Prize in Neuroscience for best Honours thesis in the field of Neuroscience at UNSW, 2006.
  • The Staff Prize for Third Year Psychology (i.e., the highest average performance in Research Methods and five other 3rd year psychology courses completed within a single year), UNSW, 2005

Grant Funding

  • CSIRO On Prime Innovation Award. Virtual reality to treat fears and phobias, 2016. Newby, Rossouw & Ackland.
  • St Vincent's Clinic Foundation Multidisciplinary Patient Focussed Grant, Can pain be managed from a distance? A randomised controlled trial of an innovative online multidisciplinary pain management program (Reboot Online) comapred to usual care, 2016. $31,000. Gardner, Newby, Schultz, Smith, Faux, Shiner & Andrews.
  • HCF Foundation Grant: A low-cost accessible online cognitive behavioural therapy program that improves the mental wellbeing of women experiencing depression and/or anxiety during the perinatal period: Program development and evaluation in a randomised controlled trial, 2016-2018. $150,000. Investigators: Andrews, Haskelberg, Newby, Milgrom, Holt, Austin, Black.
  • Cancer Institute of NSW Translational Program Grant: A sustainable and supported clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients:Developing and evaluating components and testing implementation strategies, 2015-2019, $3,643,992. Investigators: Butow, Andrews, Girgis, Kelly, Hack, Clayton, Price, Beale, Viney, Kirstin. Associate Investigators: J. Shaw, Dhillon, Coll, Grimison, T. Shaw, Rankin, Murphy, Newby, Stubbs,Orr, Lindsay.
  • National Institute for Health Research for Patient Benefit Grant (United Kingdom): A randomised controlled feasibility trial of a novel transdiagnostic psychological intervention for mood and anxiety disorders, 2015-2017, £249,432.Lead Applicant: Dalgleish, Co-Applicants: Watson, Newby, Brosan, Morant, Romana, Lafortune, Rae, Kuyken, Gilbody.
  • Brain Sciences Seed Funding Award, UNSW: A Mobile Phone App Targeting Relationship Problems, Depression, and Anxiety in Adolescents, 2015, $12,000. Investigators: O’Dea, Perry, Werner-Seidler, Kelly, Batterham, Calear, Nickerson, Newby, & Mason.
  • St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Research Grant: Development and evaluation of a novel internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy program for severe health anxiety (hypochondriasis), 2014-2015, $30,000. Investigators: Newby, Mahoney & Andrews.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australian Clinical Early Career Research Fellowship, Investigations into the onset and persistence of severe health anxiety (hypochondriasis), and the development of innovative psychological interventions (awarded 2011), 2013-2016, $294,892.
  • Faculty of Medicine Fellowship Enhancement Scheme Award: Investigations into the onset and persistence of severe health anxiety (hypochondriasis), and the development of innovative psychological interventions, 2013-2016, $32,128.
  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2007-2010, $80,000.

Travel Grants:

  • Ian Potter Travel and Conference Grant, 2013, $3000.
  • American Association for Psychological Science Travel Assistance Award, 2010 $200USD.
  • Postgraduate Research Support Scheme International Conference Travel Scholarship, 2010, $2,500.
  • Faculty of Science Postgraduate Research Competition Prize – First Place, 2010, $5000.