Dr J Bertran-Gonzalez

Dr J Bertran-Gonzalez

Dr J Bertran-Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer

PhD (UPMC, Paris)

Contact details

Phone: 02 9385 2388
Email: Dr J Bertran-Gonzalez

Office: Matthews, Room 406

Research Summary

Our team has a broad interest in Systems Neuroscience: we are particularly interested in studying how learning is encoded brain circuits, and how new behaviours that did not exist before imprint in neuronal networks when they are generated, matured and adapted upon changes in environmental rules. We focus our studies on the neuromodulatory processes supporting the subcortical brain networks that mediate voluntary behaviours, such as the striatum and the basal ganglia. We capitalise on basic learning theory, which allows us to generate accurate paradigms that expose very specific forms of learning in mice, and we deploy a series of quantitative fluorescence techniques as well as specific circuit tracing, recording and manipulation in behaving animals to explore causation. We are also interested in studying how these systems decline with age, and how this decline precipitates certain age-associated pathologies such as apathy, Parkinson’s disease and related cognitive disorders.


NEUR3221 Neurophysiology (UNSW)
Australian Course of Advanced Neuroscience (ACAN)


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Awards, Fellowships & Grants


2018 Goldstar Award (University of New South Wales)
2017 Paxinos-Watson Award (Australasian Neuroscience Society 2016)
2017 Scientific Mobility Program (Australian Academy of Science and Embassy of France)
2016 Discovery Early Career Research Award (Australian Research Council)
2013 Scientific Mobility Program (Australian Academy of Science and Embassy of France)
2008 Prix Forum FENS 2008 (Societé des Neurosciences, France)


2019-2021 NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant (CIA) [APP1165990: $397,754.12]
2016-2019 ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award [DE160101275: $375,000]
2018 UNSW Goldstar Award (Lead CI) [DP180102797: $40,000]
2016 UNSW Research Infrastructure Scheme (co-investigator) [RG163114: $200,000]

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