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Scientia Professor Kaarin J. Anstey

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: As a Professor in the School of Psychology, UNSW Sydney and a Senior Principal Research Scientist at Neuroscience Research Australia, my research interests include dementia risk assessment and risk reduction, late-life development and ageing, mental health in older adults, and older drivers. Please click here for more information.

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Scientia Professor Bernard Balleine

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: As Head of the Decision Neuroscience Laboratory in the School of Psychology at UNSW, my research focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal psychological functioning.

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Dr Denovan Begg

Associate Professor

Research Areas: 

Our lab primarily focuses on the regulation of ingestive behaviour by the central nervous system.

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Scientia Professor Richard Bryant

Scientia Professor

Research Areas: Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety: assessment, mechanisms, and treatment. Refugee and indigenous research.  Neuroimaging and fMRI.  Experimental and clinical investigation of emotional memory, trauma, and dissociation. Clinical and experimental hypnosis. Autobiographical memory in clinical disorders.  Web-based interventions.

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Dr Kelly Clemens

Scientia Fellow

Behavioural and neural consequences of drug addiction, external factors that might promote or contribute to the development and maintenance of drug addiction, the involvement of epigenetic factors, including histone acetylation in the encoding of drug-associated memories, choice paradigms, habits and actions in drug addiction.

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Professor Colin Clifford


Research Areas: The primary research focus of my laboratory is vision, how context affects our perception, and how our visual awareness might be related to the underlying neural processing. 

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Professor Jacquelyn Cranney


Current CV

Research Areas: Research Areas: Motivation; self-management; learning and memory; testing effect; SOTL.

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Professor Tom Denson


Thomas F. Denson is a Professor in the School of Psychology at UNSW. He is an experimental social-personality psychologist. His primary research focus is on the causes, consequences, and prevention of anger-driven aggression. 

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Dr Chris Donkin

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas: Memory; Choice; Response Times; Decision-making; Models of Cognition; Categorization; Bayesian Statistics.

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