Saving for Retirement? If Not, Why Not? - Professor Ben Newell

What is this research about?

How often do you think about how much money you’ll have in your retirement? If you are like many young (and not so young people) the answer is probably not all that often. It is difficult to think about the (distant) future when so much is happening right now. But we should – we can be so much better prepared for a comfortable retirement if we do something now.

This project partners with Unisuper –a large pension provider in Australia and address the significant world-wide challenge of how to safeguard financial well-being at older ages. We examine three important and interconnected influences on retirement preparation: flexible choice architecture, trust formation and effective communication.

Other researchers involved:

Prof Hazel Bateman (UNSW)
A/Prof Isabella Dobrescu (UNSW)
Prof Susan Thorp (USYD)
Prof Andreas Ortmann (UNSW)

Publications relating to this research:

Bateman, H., Ortmann, A., Dobrescu, I., Newell, B.R., & Thorp, S. (working paper) Flicking the Switch: How Fee and Return Disclosures Drive Retirement Plan Choice.

Dobrescu, I., Fan, X., Bateman, H., Ortmann, A., Newell, B.R., & Thorp, S. (in press). Retirement savings: A tale of decisions and defaults. Economic Journal.

Bateman, H., Dobrescu, I., Ortmann, A., Newell, B. R., & Thorp, S. (2016). As easy as pie: How retirement savers use prescribed investment disclosures. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 121 60-76.

Bateman, H., Deetlefs, A.M.J., Dobrescu, L.I., Newell, B.R., Ortmann, A., & Thorp, S. (2014). Just interested or getting involved? An analysis of superannuation attitudes and actions. Economic Record, 90 160-178.


 ARC Linkage Projects LP110100489; LP150100608 (with Bateman, Thorp, Dobrescu, & Ortmann) .


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