Positive Emotions and Wellbeing - Dr Lisa Williams

What is this research about?

A long history of research in psychology has identified the robust relationship between negative emotions and illness, both mental and physical. This focus has left open the question of how positive emotions promote wellbeing. This project aims to identify the various ways in which positive emotional experience might be of benefit to individuals, relationships, and communities.

Studies within this project focus on positive emotions that arise in the context of social relationships and interactions, such as pride, gratitude, and compassion. We consider outcomes that include individuals’ sense of wellbeing, relational dynamics between individuals, and the development and maintenance of group identities. We also tackle questions regarding the social dynamics that underpin loneliness, with the aim to develop methods to reduce loneliness.

These studies deploy a range of methodologies, including experiments, online surveys, experience sampling, and psychophysiology, sampling from a range of populations, including students, community members, and individuals in romantic relationships. This multi-method and multi-sample approach allows robust conclusions regarding the research question at hand.

Other researchers working on this project:

Elizabeth Barrett-Cheetham (PhD candidate)
Joel Davies (PhD candidate)
Andrew Wowk (PhD candidate)
Dr Rebecca Pinkus (University of Sydney)
Dr Eliza Bliss-Moreau (University of California, Davis)
Dr Monica Bartlett (Gonzaga University)

Publications relating to this research:

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