Perception of Gaze, Head and Body Direction - Professor Colin Clifford

What is this research about?

To an observer, the direction of your gaze reveals where you are looking and hence what you are looking at. This might be an object of shared attention or it might be the observer him or herself. The direction of your gaze is thus a strong social signal to your intentions and future actions. This project aims to understand the computational processes in our brains that enable us to know where someone else is looking.

"Neither the boy’s head nor his body is oriented towards the camera and his eyes are barely visible but we still have a strong sense that he is looking at us."

Other researchers involved:

Dr Colin Palmer (Post-doctoral research associate)
Ms Tarryn Balsdon (PhD student)
Ms Alysha Nguyen (PhD student)

Publications relating to this research:

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2016 – 2018 Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, Perception of gaze, head and body direction, Clifford, C.W.G. ($285,969).


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