Perceiving the Loudness of Sound Sources in the Environment - Dr Damien Mannion

What is this research about?

It is useful for us to know the intensity with which sounds are produced in the environment. Because the magnitude of sound waves decrease with distance from the sound source, we cannot simply measure the amplitude of the signals that reach our ears. Instead, we must compensate for how far away the sound source is in order to know the intensity (the ‘loudness’) of the sound.

This project concerns the role of loudness in human perception of the environment. We are interested in understanding the factors that contribute to our perceptual experience of loudness, particularly the contribution of vision to identifying the distances of sound sources. We aim to apply this new knowledge to auditory physiology and to perceptual dysfunction in psychopathology.

Other researchers involved:

Assoc. Prof. Tom Whitford
Sol Libesman (PhD student)


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