Lightness, Shape and Illumination - Dr Damien Mannion

What is this research about?

Vision must interpret the patterns of light reaching the eye in terms of the properties of the external environment. A primary challenge to this process is that there is a complicated and often ambiguous relationship between the visual stimulation and the relevant aspects of the environment, such as surface reflectance, surface shape, and lighting.

This project aims to increase the understanding of how human vision interprets the structure of surfaces and illumination in visual images. This includes components such as: a) the role of motion in contributing shape information when judging surface reflectance, b) the ability to recognise objects under varying illumination conditions, and c) the representation of surface and environment properties in the human brain.

Other researchers involved:

Lindsay Peterson (PhD student)


Mannion, D.J. & Kersten, D.J. Foundations of the tolerance to illumination variation in human vision. Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 2017-2019.


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