False Memories In Laboratory Rodents - Scientia Professor Fred Westbrook

What is this research about?

Memory is not perfect. One of its flaws is that we remember events that did not happen or did not happen in the way in which we remember them. The aim of this project is to identify the brain substrates underling the formation, storage and retrieval of false memories. The project takes advantage of a behavioural protocol that we have recently developed to generate a false context fear memory in rodents. It employs this protocol to determine the conditions under which the false memory occurs and uses genetic tools and contemporary neuroscience techniques to establish the neural substrates of the false memory.

Other researchers involved:

Dr. Nathan Holmes

Dr. Vincent Laurent

Dr. Nura Lingawi

Professor Simon Killcross

Publications relating to this research:

Bae, S. E., Holmes, N. M., & Westbrook, R. F. (2015). False context fear memory in rats. Learning & Memory, 22, 519-525.


Holmes, N., Laurent, V., Killcross, S., & Westbrook. False fear memories in rats. ARC Discover Project (2017 – 2019)


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