Eyewitness Identification - Professor Richard Kemp

What is this research about?

Much of Richard Kemp's recent research has focused on issues relating to identification evidence. Richard has investigated the impact of changes in identification procedure on witness performance and has been involved in an evaluation of an innovative video-based identification procedure. In 1997 Richard reported a major investigation into the effectiveness of photo credit cards. This research showed that photo-ID might not provide the level of fraud protection that is often assumed. The research attracted considerable attention from the media, government agencies and industry.

In 1999 images created by Richard to investigate the role of colour information in face recognition, were included as part of an exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Another research interest is in the interviewing of witnesses and the use of the cognitive interview to obtain person descriptions. Richard acted as an adviser for the production of video based interview training materials produced by the Metropolitan Police in London.

Other projects include research into identification from closed circuit television images, and an evaluation of the use of "facial mapping" techniques to compare facial images. In addition to academic audiences, Richard has presented his work to police, government agencies and industry.

Since his arrival in Australia in 2001 Richard has been continuing his research in facial identification, and has been invited to present his research to several bodies including the New South Wales Police and The New South Wales Crime Commission.