Examining and Strengthening Forensic Sciences - Dr Kristy Martire

What is this research about?

Forensic science evidence plays an influential role in trials and trial outcomes. However, concerns have been expressed about the quality of the science underpinning the evidence provided by some forensic science specialties, particularly those involving pattern matching by human decision makers (e.g., fingerprint or handwriting comparison). In this project we attempt to understand the development of pattern matching expertise, consider legal understandings of expert performance, and critically examine the scientific foundations for claims currently being made in courts.

Other researchers involved:

Dr Kaye Ballantyne 
Professor Gary Edmond 
Professor Richard Kemp
Professor Ben Newell
Mehera San Roque 
Bethany Growns [phd candidate]

Publications relating to this research:

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This work is a product of collaborations through the Evidence-Based Forensics Initiative. More information can be found at Dr Kristy Martire