Individual Differences in Fear Expression and Inhibition - Professor Rick Richardson

What is this research about?

There is growing awareness of, and appreciation for, the striking individual differences in fear expression and fear inhibition. For example, most individuals who experience a traumatic event will not develop PTSD but a sub-set will. What determines these individual differences in vunerability/resilience?

A greater understanding of the factors that influence whether one is more or less susceptible to adverse experiences will undoubtedly be important in developing tailored treatment and prevention programs. This work is done in collaboration with the Graham lab, and involves both behavioural and neural levels of analysis.

Other researchers involved:

Dr Bronwyn Graham PhD (UNSW) – fellow academic in the Behavioural Neuroscience group.

Gabrielle King - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining individual differences in the extinction of fear.

Publications relating to this research:

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