Early Life Experiences - Professor Rick Richardson

What is this research about?

In this project we explore a range of issues pertaining to early life experiences. For example, in most species the young forget much more rapidly than do adults, a phenomenon referred to as infantile amnesia. Is this forgetting due to difficulties in storing the memory, or is it due to difficulties in retrieving it? Further, how does early life adversity affect memory development, and are the effects of such adversity passed on to subsequent generations?

We also examine potential treatments designed to ameliorate the effects of early-life adversity on the developing animal as well as on subsequent generations. In other work, we examine how early life experiences can alter subsequent social interactions between the mother and her offspring.

In addition to expanding our understanding – at the behavioural and neural levels – of how early experiences impact on later cognitive and social development, much of the work we do in this area is aimed at improving our understanding the development of anxiety disorders.

Other researchers involved:

Kelsey Zimmermann, PhD (Emory) - A post-doctoral research associate investigating CRH-projecting neurons after early life stress.

Caitlin Cowan - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining the effects of probiotics on fear retention in a rodent model of early-life stress.

Diana Chan - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining the effects of prenatal exposure to fluoxetine on the development of fear memory.

Janice Kan - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining how stress leaves a lasting mark on the mother and affects her behaviour and that of her offspring.

Sarah Altmann - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining the effects of prenatal stress on social development.

Nathalie Elliott - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining developmental differences in fear generalisation after early life stress.

Sarah Bae - A student in the Combined PhD/Clinical MA program examining behavioural tagging, the behavioural analogue of synaptic tagging and capturing (STC).

Publications relating to this research:

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