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UNSW gives birth to scholarships for pregnant PhD candidates

25 November 2012

They reckon producing a PhD is like having a baby - painful and protracted, though nine months of pregnancy is mercifully briefer than a three-year doctorate. Doing both at the same time, though, has seemed impossible to many women, so the University of NSW has introduced a scholarship for pregnant PhD candidates.

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Remembering to forget: how to erase unwanted memories

2 October 2012

Our memories – good or bad – form parts of our identities and simply removing aspects of our character may have serious consequences, writes Amy Reichelt.

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Much more to happy retirement than money

12 September 2012

Money is considered to be the top priority in planning for retirement, but a more pertinent question to ask is how do you want to live, says psychologist Dr Joanne Earl.

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Taking a break makes practice perfect

20 August 2012

Trying to learn a piano piece or master a new dance step? Make sure you take good breaks while training, a new study suggests.

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