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Collaboration: Leading universities partner to tackle global challenges in the PLuS Alliance

11 February 2016

Six UNSW scientists including the School of Psychology's Professor Michelle Moulds, have been announced as inaugural fellows of the new PluS Alliance between UNSW, King’s College London and Arizona State University.

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Psychology Peer Mentoring Program - register now!

2 February 2016

New students in semester 1, 2016 can now sign up for the Psychology Peer Mentoring Program.

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Psychology course change for 2016

1 October 2015

From 2016, PSYC1025 Psychology of Work replaces GENS9005 Psychology of Work.

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Interested in Forensic Psychology?  The Master of Psychology (Forensic) program at UNSW is a demanding course that covers coursework, a research thesis and placements in forensic environments.  This video provides a brief overview of the program, its challenges and rewards.

Meet the Neuropsychology group at UNSW, and find out more about the Moving Ahead Centre of Research Excellence in Brain Recovery and the important work that they do

Skills in psychology make a strong and positive contribution to a career.

Jesse Hancock, a Psychology PhD student at UNSW, talks about his research on attention deficit driver behaviour.

Jesse Hancock, a Psychology PhD student at UNSW, talks about how to control road rage on Channel 10's The Project.

Associate Professor Tom Denson appeared on an SBS Insight episode talking about anger.

Whiteboard animation based on a podcast interview of Dr Lenny Vartanian, made during the 13th Benjamin Franklin Lafayette Seminar (June 2015, Fréjus-France).

This video presents the effects of external cues and individual self control as means to improve food behavior. The concept of segmentation effect is also developped.

Dr Vartanian's research interests include Psychology of eating and weight, including body image, self-regulation, social influences and weight bias and discrimination. He is working at the University of New South Wales (Australia).

This video explores the journeys and experiences of 5 UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Students, all studying different topics and at varied stages of their PhD research.

A snapshot into the world of organisational psychology and what it has to offer.

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