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Summer = Summer Term, S1 = Semester 1, S2 = Semester 2

2018 Course Outlines

PSYC1001Psychology 1AS1
PSYC1011Psychology 1BS2
PSYC1021Introduction to Psychological ApplicationsS1
PSYC1022Psychology of AddictionSummer
PSYC1022Psychology of AddictionS1
PSYC1022Psychology of AddictionS2
PSYC1023Abnormal PsychologyS1
PSYC1024Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and StressSummer
PSYC1024Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and StressS2
PSYC1025Psychology of WorkS1
PSYC1025Psychology of WorkS2
PSYC1027Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and CorrectionsS1
PSYC1027Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and CorrectionsS2
PSYC1031Psychological Science of ResilienceS2
PSYC1111Measuring Mind and BehaviourS2
PSYC2001Research Methods 2S1
PSYC2061Developmental & Social PsychologyS1
PSYC2071Perception & CognitionS2
PSYC2081Learning & Physiological PsychologyS1
PSYC2101Assessment, Personality & PsychopathologyS2
PSYC3001Research Methods 3S1
PSYC3011Research & Applications of PsychologyS2
PSYC3051Physiological PsychologyS2
PSYC3121Social PsychologyS2
PSYC3211Cognitive ScienceS2
PSYC3221Vision & BrainS1
PSYC3241Psychobiology of Memory & MotivationS1
PSYC3301Psychology & LawS1
PSYC3311Language & CognitionS1
PSYC3331Health PsychologyS2
PSYC3341Developmental PsychologyS1
PSYC3361Psychology Research InternshipS1
PSYC3371Multivariate Data Analysis for PsychologyS2

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