Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan

Clinical Associate, Wentworth Clinic

  • Licentiate in Philosophy, Gregorian University, Rome 1977
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education, 1981, University of London
    Bachelor of Science (Hons 2.1), 1988, University of London
    Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, 1991, British Psychological Society
    Postgraduate Certificate in Management, 2007, RMIT
  • PhD Candidate, UNSW 

Contact details

Phone: 0433 318 274
Email: Kevin O'Sullivan
Fax: (02) 9385 3641

Office: Mathews, Room 1009

Research Summary

Research Areas: Desistance from crime, group work


Selected Publications:

  • O'Sullivan, K. & Dryden, W. (1990). Survey of Clinical Psychologists in the South East Thames Region: activities, role and theoretical orientation. Clinical Psychology Forum, 29, 21-26.
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  • O’Sullivan, K., Haggett, R. & Clark, J. (1997) Personal Effectiveness Programme (Vols. 1 & 2). Atelier, DCS Sydney.
  • O’Sullivan K. & Murphy K (2001) The Role of Credibility in Decisions of the Refugee Review Tribunal. Paper at the 1st National Conference of the College of Forensic Psychology, Sydney February 2001
  • Sultan A. & O’Sullivan K. (2002) Psychological disturbances in asylum-seekers held in long-term detention: a participant-observer account. Medical Journal of Australia, 175,3: 593-596.
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  • Brown C. & O'Sullivan K. (2013) Somebody's mum, somebody's dad: Parents as offenders and offenders as parents in New South Wales. Australasian Journal of Correctional Staff Development, March 2013. Download from,-somebodys-dad.pdf
  • O'Sullivan, K., Blatch, C. & Toh, M. (2014). A review of the creative group work training program for facilitators. Journal for Specialists in Group Work.
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  • Blatch, C., O'Sullivan, K., Delaney, J., Van Doorn, G. and Sweller, T. (2016). Evaluation of an Australian Domestic Abuse Program for offending males. Journal of Aggression Conflict and Peace Studies, 8(1), 1-17.
  • O’Sullivan, K., Holderness, D., Williams, R., Hong Y., Bright, D. & Kemp, R. (2016). Public attitudes to the reintegration of offenders.European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 23(3), 409-424DOI: 10.1007/s10610-016-9328-8.
  • O'Sullivan, K., Williams, R., Hong, X.Y., Bright, D. & Kemp, R. (2016). Measuring Offenders' Belief in the Possibility of Desistance. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. 23(3), 409-424. DOI: 10.1177/0306624X16678940.n
  • Blatch, C. J., Webber, A., O'Sullivan, K., & van Doorn, G. (2017). Cost-benefits of a domestic abuse program for Australian offenders. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice3(1).

Affiliations & Memberships


  • Member, Australian Psychological Society
  • Member, APS College of Forensic Psychologists
  • Member, APS College of Clinical Psychologists
  • Member, Association of Specialists in Group Work
  • Honorary Associate, Macquarie University School of Psychology
  • Accredited Supervisor, Australian Health Practitioners' Regulation Authority
  • Consulting Partner, The Group Psychology Practice

Other Information

Registrar supervison provided for Clinical and Forensic endorsement.

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