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Dr Kevin Bird

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Research Areas: Data analysis, particularly analysis of multivariate linear models. Simultaneous statistical inference.

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Stephen Bochner

Professorial Visiting Fellow

Research Areas: Coping with unfamiliar cultures. Acculturation. Culture learning. Culture training and orientation. Cultural identity. Culturally diverse work places, including educational settings.

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Marilynn Brewer

Visiting Professorial Scholar

Research Areas: Social identity and intergroup relations; Social cognition, stereotyping, and prejudice

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Dr Maurice Finn

Clinic field supervisor, Conjoint lecturer

Supervisor(s): Skye McDonald

Research Areas: The role of cognitive training in older adults with mild cognitive impairment

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Geoffrey Hall

Visiting Professorial Fellow

Research Areas: Animal learning theory: formal models of associative learning; attention in learning; mechanisms of perceptual learning

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