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Emily Trimmer

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor(s): Skye McDonald

Research Areas: Clinical Neuropsychology, social cognition, traumatic brain injury, autism

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Jayson Ware

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Richard Kemp

Research Areas: Treatment of sexual offenders

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Emily White

Doctoral/M. Psych (Clinical) Candidate

Supervisors: Bronwyn Graham

Research Area: The role of sex hormones (particularly estrogen) in emotion regulation, learning, and memory.

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Shiu Fung (Kelvin) Wong

Doctoral/MPsychol (Clinical) Candidate

Supervisor: Dr. Jessica Grisham

Cosupervisor: Dr. Alishia Williams

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Jenna Zhao

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Dr. Steven Most

Research areas: Attention, perception and emotional distraction.

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