James Dunn

James  Dunn

James Dunn

Doctoral Candidate


BSc (Adv.), UNSW Australia, Sydney (2009-2012)

Contact details

Email: James Dunn

Office: Mathews, Room 1502

Research Summary

Supervisors: David White and Richard Kemp.

Research Areas: My research focuses on cognitive processes involved in face recognition. Specifically, I am examining the relationship between image and identity level representations, and using visual search to identify individual differences in the acquisition of familiarity and improve performance.


White, D., Dunn, J. D., Schmid, A. C., & Kemp, R. I. (2015). Error Rates in Users of Automatic Face Recognition Software. PLoS One, 10(10), e0139827. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139827

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