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Annalese Bolton

Doctoral Candidate and Forensic Psychologist

Supervisors: Professor Ben Newell, Professor Simon Gandevia

Research Topic: Bolstering response decision making to child protection situations

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Jessamine Chen

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Peter Lovibond
Co-Supervisor(s): Richard Bryant & Kim Felmingham

Research Areas: Neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms underlying Generalised Anxiety Disorder; Pathological Worry; Intolerance of Uncertainty

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Katie Chung

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisor: Prof. Michelle Moulds

Research area: the relationship between cognitive beliefs/processes and length of depression history

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Shanta Dey

Doctoral/MPsychol (Organisational) Candidate

Supervisors: Professor Michelle Moulds, Professor Ben Newell

Research Topic: The Impact of Abstract Versus Concete Thinking on Stages of Decision-Making 

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Emma Doolan

Doctoral/MPsychol (Clinical) Candidate

Supervisor: Scientia Professor Richard Bryant

Co-supervisor: Dr Angela Nickerson

Research Areas: Emotion regulation, trauma, PTSD, attachment, individual differences. 

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James Dunn

Doctoral Candidate

Supervisors: David White and Richard Kemp.

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Ruth Elijah

Doctoral/MPsych (Clinical) Candidate

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